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Electronic Leak Detection in Jacksonville, FL

As a homeowner, one of the last things you want to see is water on the floor caused by leaks. While some leaks are easy to spot, others seem to come out of nowhere. It takes thorough detective work to locate these unintended and annoying openings in the pipes of your plumbing systems.

For situations like these, choose The Leak Detective Specialist, Inc. as your premier provider of quality electronic leak detection. Jacksonville, FL, customers and those in the surrounding areas appreciate how we get to the source of their problems to ensure their homes are dry again. We locate the leaks in your water pipes or sewage system before sending a qualified plumber your way with the tools and expertise to repair them.

Turn to Us When You Can’t Find a Leak

Some of the tell-tale signs of leaks include the presence of mold or suspicious smells in your cabinets and unexplained increases in your water bill. Our team is here to promptly address your concerns. Using noninvasive procedures and special leak detection equipment, we find the exact location of your leaks within one to two hours. We also perform standard tests involving smoke and peppermint oil to avoid having to tear down your flooring or walls.

Learn About Slab Leaks

As properties age, the ground underneath their foundations gradually shifts and gives way. This is especially true for foundations made from concrete. Such changes cause underground pipes located within the immediate vicinity of these structures to wear away, crack, or break, creating slab leaks. The usual indicators of this type of leak include the following:

·        Warm or damp floors.

·        Mildew or mold developing under carpets.

·        Standing water pooling around your property.

·        Unusually high water bill.

·        Decreasing water pressure.

Homes that use copper pipes in their plumbing encounter these problems more often; however, slab leaks can develop in pipes made from any material. Unfortunately, they’re hard to detect, and by the time they’re discovered, they’ve already done significant property damage. Take a proactive approach to addressing this situation by contacting The Leak Detective Specialist, Inc. to schedule a comprehensive electronic leak detection appointment.