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What to do When You Hear Water Running in Jacksonville, FL

Schedule an appointment with our specialists if you hear water running in Jacksonville, FL. The sound of running water when you’re not using water is one of the most common signs that you have a leak somewhere in your home. Leaks can cause high water usage bills, which, along with the cost of repairs, can put a major dent in your finances.

When you rely on the knowledge and expertise of The Leak Detective Specialist, Inc., you’ll save yourself time and money. Despite how discreet slab leaks can be, our team is equipped with the skills to find the source and refer you to a reputable plumber who can perform the necessary repairs.

Know the Sign of a Leak

If you notice your water bill has gone up for seemingly no reason, or you discover water on the floor, a leak is more than likely the cause. Call our experts right away, and we’ll come to you as soon as possible. Through non-invasive procedures performed with specialized tools , we’ll locate the leak quickly.

Our equipment is designed specifically for leak detection, and we also utilize smoke and peppermint tests to find the exact location. Rather than tearing up your walls trying to find the problem, you can count on our tests to solve it. Once we determine if there is a leak, we’ll send a reputable plumber your way, who has the tools and knowledge to repair your pipes.

Dependable Leak Detection

When it comes to leak detection, it’s important not to take chances. If you hear water running in the walls, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Reach out to our experienced team, and we’ll provide you with the solution. The Leak Detective Specialist, Inc. is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, so we’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Contact us to find out why you might hear water running. We proudly serve customers in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas.