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Accurate, Non-Invasive Leak Detection 

You don't always wake up to find water on the flood. Often times, leaks are often discreet, if not handled promptly, they can lead to health problems and damage to your home or business. If you fear you may be dealing with a leak in a pipe or sewage system, The Leak Detective Specialist, Inc will help locate it and will refer you to a reputable plumber who can repair your pipes.

Pipe Leak

Leaks of Unknown Origin in Jacksonville, FL

If your water bill has been creeping up for no reason or you have mold or suspicious smells in your cabinets, you probably have a leak. Call us right away to discover the source of the issue. Through the use of non-invasive procedures, we can locate the source of your leak, if there is one, within 1-2 hours. We use special leak detection equipment, as well as a smoke test and peppermint test, to find the exact location of the problem. With this type of testing, we don't ever have to tear up your flooring or completely replace your pipes. If a leak is found, we have a reputable plumber on hand who will come out and repair it.