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Non-Invasive Detection for Slab Leaks in Jacksonville, FL

You don't want to wake up and find water on the floor. That’s what will happen if you have slab leaks. In Jacksonville, FL, The Leak Detective Specialist, Inc gets to the source of the problem to make sure your place is dry again. Sometimes the source of the problem is apparent. Other times, they are leaks of unknown origin. So, it takes some detective work to locate where the leak is coming from. If you think you may be dealing with a leak in a water pipe or sewage system, we’ll locate it and then send a plumber your way with tools and knowledge to repair your pipes.

Pipe Leak

Finding Leaks of Unknown Origin in Jacksonville, FL

If your water bill has been creeping up for no reason or you have mold or suspicious smells in your cabinets, you probably have a leak. Call us right away to find the source of the issue. Through the use of non-invasive procedures, we can locate the source within one to two hours. We use special leak detection equipment [link to inspection tools page] to find the exact location of the problem. Our team also uses standard tests, such as the smoke test and the peppermint test. With these types of testing, we don't ever have to tear up your flooring or walls.

What are Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks are problems that occur as your pipes get older. These types of leaks occur under the foundation of properties, especially buildings that have foundations made from concrete. The ground underneath the foundation can shift and slowly give way over time, which can damage the pipes in the immediate area. These gradual changes can cause pipes to wear away, crack, or break -- which creates leaks. You may have a slab leak on your property if: 

The Floors Appear Damp or Warm

Mold or Mildew Has Developed under Carpeting

Standing Water Is Pooling around the Property

Your Water Bill Is Unusually High

There Is a Decrease in Water Pressure 

These plumbing problems are more common with properties that use copper pipes in the plumbing. However, it is important to note that leaks can happen with pipes made from any material. In any case, underground leaks are hard to detect. All too often, by the time a slab leak is discovered, it has already done damage to the property. 

Contact us  if you notice water on the floor and want an inspection. We proudly serve customers throughout Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas.